Happy New Year!!!

What an amazing start to 2013 I had this morning… walking the dog I opened my iPhone browser on The Guardian page and remembering what Susana had said to me last night ” Do you only read bad news in the newspaper?” I looked for some good news.. and right at the top of the page, almost unnoticeable I saw a banner advertisement ” New Scientific Theory suggests that Death is not the end”

Now there is some good news!!

The theory is from Robert Lanza MD <www.robertlanza.com ( on whose life the film “Good Will Hunting” is based) whose concept of Biocentrism suggests that time and space are merely “tools of the mind” with which we assemble our picture of the universe. There is no objective time, no past, no present, no future… only what the observer interprets. Einstein agrees and says ” The past, present and future are just obstinate illusions”. In short everything we perceive is our own mental creation and, as such, is just one of an infinite number of possibilities that simultaneously exist…..

It is hard for me to express it as well as Dr Lanza, so please visit his website….. the idea of death as the end or birth as the beginning or of eternal linear life are simply misplaced concepts because time does not exist, it is only a perception and an interpretation and experiments suggest that WE CREATE TIME,  and are capable of CHANGING THE PAST…so when the flame of consciousness appears to die in us, for as Emerson says ” But the soul is light; where it is, is day, where it was, is night” our immortality exists OUTSIDE of time..

So what happens when we die? Time it would seem is a reboot that leads to all potentialities and you can take any time, past or future as your new frame of reference.. this is a reality that experiments seem to vindicate….

So when someone dies and we look at the body as I did with my mother and say “she’s not there/ no está” we implicitly suggest by that give away use of the non functional negative that though she is not “there” or “here” she IS somewhere else in space and time… in other words, in our mind and heart.

HAPPY 20131!!!!! It’s ours to create!!!!



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