For over 10 years now I have been officiating non religious ( sometimes known as Humanist) wedding ceremonies in Spain , France and Italy for couples who want  a meaningful ceremony, on their own terms, in a special location accompanied by their closest families and friends.

People often ask me why I perform these ceremonies… the answer is one I have discovered over the years really. It is simply an absolute privilege to be able to share in a day when for once everybody present can dedicate all their energy on just being human.. Loving, laughing, crying, dancing, kissing, hugging, telling stories, feeling alive and free. There are unfortunately not many days like that in most of our lives, where we are free of duty, status, “the mask”, complexes, hierarchical relationships etc…birth, wedding, funeral…. that’s about it!!

The ceremony usually lasts about 30 minutes and the script is designed according to the couples wishes completely. I usually send a “sample” script in order to help the couples along with the creative process. I will always get to know the story of the couple, how they met, their visions of the future and what they want the “audience” to go away thinking and feeling after the ceremony. The couple have absolute freedom about the content – the only exception is that I personally will not make any reference to God or religion – form, dress code, songs, readings, handfastings, rings, vows and anything else they can think of. I am simply their spokesperson, they are creating their own special day with some guidance from me based on more than 200 wedding ceremonies.

The results are spectacular… I cannot count the number of times people have said that “that was simply the best and most meaningful ceremony I have ever been to”. If you read this and I did officiate at your wedding then please help other people create their own experience by sharing your feedback in the comments!


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