Bringing together a wealth of varied experience from Education, Theatre, TV, Music and corporate entertainment it is in the field of training, coaching and Motivational Speaking that i have found my true passion and direction in life.

The value I bring to my Workshops and public speaking engagements lies in the eclectic nature of the approaches, techniques, style and tone that my background and trajectory allow – thus enabling me to work with a high negree of flexibility to adapt and tailor my offering to your precise needs.

Whether the audience be a multilingual and multicultural corporate sales force, a multi – discipline group of empresarios/small Business owners, a highly demanding Management Board, a challenging group of Key Opinion Leaders or a team of sceptical aspiring professional footballers, my Interactive, practical and inspirational style guarantees audience involvement, engagement and above all, learning.

My years on the fringe stand up comedy circuit in Barcelona also mean that humour is never very far away when you are working in a Workshops or in the auditorium with me.

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